Store Display

Store Display

Providing Total Support for Creating Retail spaces

Retailers are entering a new era of competition in which they need to respond to social, demographic and regulatory changes affecting the marketplace. With our long experience of the entire retail design process, from initial design to on-site installation, Okamura can provide a comprehensive suite of services from creating sales floors to improving storeroom and distribution systems to enable retailers to adapt their operations to a changing business environment. Many customers have praised Okamura’s retail fixtures and fittings such as store displays, display refrigerators, display freezers and a variety of other specialized displays.

Product Lineup

Gondola shelving

U8 Series
Double side

U8 Series
Single side

Wire mesh Series Single side

Rack systems

6S Series
Light duty

Rack Gondola
Mesh back

Palette Rack

System Counters

CLEAS Series Service counter

Drug counter

Glass showcase counter

Shopping carts

Aluminum shopping cart

One hand
shopping cart

Support cart

Cart systems

Triple cart

Tray cart

Mini carrier

Refrigerator & Freezer showcase

Fontana Deux Z Refrigerator

Fontana Deux Z Freezer

Plug-In showcase

Wall Fixtures

Visplay Invisible

Visplay Mono

Market supply


Apparel Store

Convenience Store

Stationery Shop